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Assembly Instructions

Assembly Instructions

How to assemble our QCX Washout Booth:


How to assemble our Screen Rack Cart:


How to assemble our Fast Flash Spot Dryer:


How to assemble our Four Place Flash Dry Station:



How to assemble the 2 Station Flash Attachment 


How to Assemble Our 500w Tabletop Exposure Unit:



How to Assemble our 1x1 Premium Screen Printing Presses:



Installing XY micros or Hand Adjustment Attachments:


How to assemble a 1 station tabletop base:



How to assemble a 2 or 4 station table top base:



How to assemble a 2 or 4 station floor model base:



How to install a NTL print head:



How to assemble a Shocker print head:





Shipping Times Map

Shipping Times Map

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