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Tricks & Tips

Tricks & Tips

Edging screens for easy clean up:



Taping off squeegees for quick and slick clean up:



Using pallet tape to cover rough platen Edges:



Making Washout Chemicals go Further:


Cleaning the Frames of Your Screens:



Curing ink with a spot dryer:


Screen printing using paper stencils:


Screen printing using vinyl stencils:


How To do an Exposure Test:



How To Coat Screens:



How To Clean and Reclaim a Screen:



Post Exposing Screens:



Preventing Dots in Your Emulsion Coatings:



How to Coat a Screen:



Store Your Screens In A Dry Environment:


How To Install And Use Micro Adjustments:


Which Pallet Adhesive Is Best For You?



How to set up 2 color prints:



NTL screen printing press adjustments help:



How to properly load a shirt:



How to set up a multi color print on press:


How to quickly and easily adjust off contact:




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Shipping Times Map

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